InterstellarX focuses on high-end website design and development for Web3 businesses looking to seperate themselves from their market, convert more customers, and create a long-lasting brand.

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Prove Zero

Tokenizing Carbon Offsets

ProveZero is CleanConnect's blockchain sector of their company that tokenizes carbon offsets by oil & gas manufacturers into sellable NFT's for others to purchase. We helped them simplify their complex message through diagrams and 3D graphics showing different sectors of their product.

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NFT Raffle for Charity

A passion project - We're architecting Metaraft's brand, website, and 3D work with the effort to make a chance in the lives of families who's children have been diagnosed with cancer.

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Elevate Software

Smart Contract Development Agency

Brand architecture and website revamp done for Elevate Software. Involved 3D rendering and on page interaction for longer time on page spent by users.

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Infinite Dodos

10,000 piece NFT Set

Infinite Dodos is a 10,000 piece NFT set with utility linked to an unhackable wallet, built using cold storage technology. Design and Development involved 3D rendering and street-wear style.

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Crypto Collective

Crypto & NFT Membership Pass

We helped Crypto Collective create a website design and minting page to sell their CC Access pass. Project involved website design, development, and 3D rendering.

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Plato Data

Decentralized Web3 Browser

Brand architecture, website design, and development done for Plato Data. Involved simplifying their complex message into a consumer-friendly way that resonates with their target audience.

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Infinite Dodos Mint Page

Minting Page for NFT Set

Minting page designed and developed for Infinite Dodos. Involves 3D animation and on-page interaction to encourage users to stay on the page longer.

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Aavid Wallet (In the Works)

Industry-Changing Wallet

Currently in the works - we're helping Aavid wallet architect a brand and digital presence to market their new 'unhackable' crypto wallet. Was originally Infinite Wallet, and we are currently helping them create a new brand focused solely around the wallet.

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Visual AI for Oil & Gas

We completely revamped Cleanconnect's Brand and their subsidiary companies to encompass a more modern, natural, and 'tech feel'. They've increased their booking rate by 10x since the redesign.

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Not real projects - Mockups done by Interstellar

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