Launch. Market. Scale your blockchain project

Launch. Market. Scale your

blockchain project

We specialize in helping take projects and businesses in the De-Fi space to market
and scale to the moon by implementing tried & tested digital marketing strategies

Bridging the gap between the past and the future

Your De-Fi product, brought to the masses.

We make your business explode with new leads and revenue by portraying your company as the "best option" in your industry. In the crypto space, all you need is an impressive & functional website and marketing that speaks to the future, not to the past.

How We Launch & Scale Your Business to the Moon

How We Launch & Scale

Your Project to the Moon

Our goal is to discover and market to the exact audience segments your project serves — in turn, exploding your business

Social Media Paid Ad Campaigns

Website Design & Development

High-End Branding Assets

Developing Smart Contracts

SMS and Email Marketing

Accelerate Community Growth

The ultimate growthpad for
blockchain business

NFT Launch

Launch, market, and scale your upcoming NFT set

Gaming & Metaverse

Growing your user base for your upcoming crypto gaming & metaverse projects

Token Launches

Build tremendous demand for your upcoming token launch

Smart Contract Development

Custom development for smart contracts on networks like Ethereum, Solana, & more

Who we are — 
& what we stand for

We are a team of professionals with 4+ years of experience in our respective fields. Interstellar consists of only the best talent available to help grow your project.

Neel Sarode
Creative Director

Neel handles all things creative in the business, and ensures clients are always being represented as their 'best selves' online. He's a digital marketer turned web developer, allowing him to produce only the best sites and assets for our clients.

Paul Tancredi — Marketing Director

Paul is the driving force behind getting customers into your crypto business. He's made his clients millions of dollars in the past 3 years using digital marketing and paid ad acquisition strategies that are proven to work.

Our Core Values

We apply tried and tested digital marketing methods to rapidly grow your decentralized business — 

We apply what we know already works to a whole new industry, when no one else is doing it. This is your advantage.

Reach new heights and market to the future.